Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fake Food Thursday - Fat Free Half and Half

Welcome to Fake Food Thursday! This week we're looking at fat free half and half!

If you're like me and cook with a lot of cream, you'll find that often-times it's in the recipe to add a little flavor to soups and veggie dishes. But since we're told to drink only skim milk, it must be obvious that heavy cream is no good for people on a diet. So what's a cream-lover to do?

Fat free half and half is the way to go. I don't really know how they make it so thick, but by itself it tastes a little sweet. No matter, in recipes it comes out wonderful. I've used it to make a naughty custard, creamier pudding, and I hope to try alfredo sometime soon, but in no instance has it let me down so my hopes
are high.

Cut to table.

Cream Comparison Per 1/4 Cup Serving

CaloriesFatWW Points
Heavy Cream205226
Light Cream134134
Half and Half7972
Land O'Lakes or Garelick Farms Fat Free Half and Half4901
Simply Smart Fat Free Half and Half300.5

These were the only brands of fat free half and half that I could find, and it's worth noting that there's only a .2 point difference among the three fat free options here, but since Weight Watchers insists on its rounding error, one looks like .5 points and the other 1. If you're using either in quantity, be sure to calculate based on the total calories.

I've tried the Land O'Lakes and the Simply Smart and they're equally proficient. I've heard tell that evaporated milk works well too, and I'll be personally taste-testing these options some time soon.

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