Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Ubiquitous Portabella Mushroom Burger - 1 pt

This is one I thought I came up with on my own, but apparently it's a big seller in the WW community—and with good reason. I find it hard to work meat into my diet on WW, particularly beef, which is really the only kind I like. Portabellas are nice and meaty and practically calorie-free. I find them to be an extremely satisfying addition to dinner, almost like fast-food for dessert. I eat them without bread, as the bread just seems to get in the way and adds unnecessary points (but feel free to throw it on a slice of WW toast if that's your thing, just don't forget the added points).

I couldn't find a lot of details on HOW to cook the mushroom, so here's what I do. You'll notice the points are not 0, which is what they usually claim this burger is worth, but I included all condiments, the broth and veggies and it works out to 1pt. Still not bad, right?

The Ubiquitous Portabella Mushroom Burger

1 Portabella mushroom cap
1/4 c chicken broth (or veggie broth)
2 slices tomato
1 slice onion, chopped
1 leaf lettuce
Optional for .5 pt: 1 slice fat free cheese (Kraft takes a decent stab at this, but it only tastes good when melted)

Rub the mushroom with a paper towel to get all the dirt off. I'd read that mushrooms have enough moisture without being rinsed, and anyway, I never found that rinsing mushrooms worked particularly well in terms of the moist soil all over them. Take a few jabs at the mushroom with a knife, this lets the moisture out and keeps the mushroom from burning too easily. Heat up a little bit of the chicken broth in a nonstick pan, then add the mushroom. Cover with a lid and let cook about 15 minutes. Check up on it every five minutes or so and add more broth as needed.

Once the mushroom seems reasonably done, throw a slice of the cheese on there if you want it and put the lid back on til it's melted. Then put your patty in a bowl, smear some ketchup and mustard over it, then top with onions, tomato and lettuce. It tastes so much like a burger it's remarkable.

1 point per serving(without cheese): 79 calories, 1.9g fiber, .1g fat
1.5 points per serving with cheese: 109 calories, 1.9g fiber, .1 g fat

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Tomi said...

I have been spraying a portabella with nonstick cooking spray and sprinkling roasted herb & vegatable seasoning on it and cooking on either the gas grill or the George Forman. Then use "Arnolds Whole Wheat Sandwich Rounds" (1 pt) as a bun. Add a slice of low fat or non fat cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and 1/2 tsp honey mustard and it makes a great sandwich that is very tasty and satisfying.