Monday, March 31, 2008

Ice Cream Sammich - 1.5 pts

Ever been like "oh man, I totally love ice cream sammiches, but they're four points! Damn this Weight Watchers business," and then cried yourself to sleep over a bowl of Fiber One? Well, I've a recipe tailored just for you. And it's easy. Here's the gist of it:

Ice Cream Sammich
Adapted from hearsay

1 long chocolate graham cracker
2 tbsp Fat Free Cool Whip

Break cracker in half, spread your Whip, wrap in foil and freeze. You have the option of putting the sammiches in a single layer on a cookie sheet, freezing for three hours, then wrapping, but I've had plenty of success using half-thawed Cool Whip and wrapping them immediately.

A regular ice cream sandwich is worth 4 points, these are just 1.5. If you wanna go for the gusto, you can make a long one, but that wouldn't really help your portion control problem, now would it?

1.5 points for 1 sammich: 80 calories, .5g fiber, 1.5g fat

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